2004-05-16 10:32:12 ET

I hate this crap. My mother is dying from cancer, which is no secret. I've known for years, I'm her fucking caretaker. I over hear Monique on the phone with a third party saying shit like "LeeAnne is telling me all this stuff and I wonder how much I know that Paul doesn't. The nurses said this and that and blah blah blah." This is my family, not your's. The cancer may not be secret, but certain details are, and they are NOT for you to share with your shithead friends.

2004-05-16 10:37:11 ET

I wonder if the woman has ever heard of the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act...

some people should not be allowed to work in helping and/or health professions...especially those who can't keep their mouths shut.


2004-05-16 12:33:43 ET

She's not a health worker. She's been kicked out of the house so we gave her a temporary home, though she doesn't seem to show any intention of leaving.

2004-05-16 12:57:36 ET

oops...messed up nonetheless

2004-05-16 16:57:25 ET

you should really address this with her, thats rather low

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