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2004-05-27 19:30:15 ET

I have been single since March 5, 2001. I also haven't had sex since September of 2000. I'm not certain if this is to be considered proof of a pathetic existance or evidence of outstanding accomplishment. I've been both ridiculed and congratulated.

On a side note, I saw the midget in the super market the other day. You know, the one I hit with my car. I pointed this out to Monique who started cracking up. Then the midget came over and said "What's so fucking funny?" A thousand different comebacks came to mind, but before I could sort them out she split. I still think it's funny that first I ran over her and then into her. Thank God she didn't recognize me.

2004-05-27 19:48:10 ET

Shoulda hit her with your cart.

Repeat Performance.

2004-05-27 19:49:08 ET

Hahaha, that would've been spectacular.

2004-05-27 19:49:42 ET

TISK! poor fucking midget hit her with cars, laugh at her in public. TISK!

2004-05-27 19:49:57 ET

It would insure your spot in hell, but I heard hell isn't so bad...

2004-05-27 19:54:59 ET

You do realize that Hel is in Michigan, right?

2004-05-27 19:56:50 ET

So you have nothing to worry about.

2004-05-27 20:04:10 ET

I dunno, I've heard some pretty terrible things about michigan.

2004-05-27 20:05:07 ET

Jones Soda is in abbundance there.

2004-05-27 20:08:09 ET

Mmmmm, Jones . . .

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