Ramona PAUL
2004-06-15 22:27:32 ET

Sorry I haven't updated in a little while. It's been busy, or at least as busy as my lazy ass ever gets. Let's see, what's happened?

I got insurance reperations for all my stolen cds, $445.29 worth. I'll admit, I went out and bought an xbox, but I saved the rest.

The psychologist's report came back about Tom (one of my brothers). He's got Assberger's syndrome, so now he's eligible for social security and for placement in an "assisted living facility".

I played video games with my buds the other day. I accidentally named my character "Ramona PAUL" and so that is my new nickname. Sweet.

2004-06-16 05:54:53 ET

glad to see youre still alive dear. i am also. although if we had both been dead we could have had a killer (ha) graveyard shindig.

2004-06-16 20:54:11 ET

ooooo, that's pretty creepy s.s.

2004-06-17 09:32:16 ET

nah, its pretty effin cool! immagine all the awesome people we could invite!

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