2004-06-21 10:00:31 ET

My buddy Ethan has discovered how the RIAA & the MPAA can stop internet piracty once and for all. Don't call it piracy! No one would do it if it was called "fagotry" or "digital ass-hatery". The judges would say "We find you guilty of digital ass-hatery!" and you would say "Ah, man. Now I'll be known as an ass-hat for the rest of life. Boohoo."

On a side note, the whole world smells bad.

2004-06-21 10:02:09 ET

I personally wouldn't mind being an ass-hat...

2004-06-21 10:02:26 ET

:boggled: what?

2004-06-21 10:04:00 ET

ROFL thats funny as hell

2004-06-21 10:04:18 ET

Well, I wouldn't mind being an ass-hat if it got me free stuff. But it's just way too cool go "Arrrgh! I a pirate!"

2004-06-21 10:05:12 ET

Our school had a "pirate day" and I wrote "I download music off the internet" on my arm. I felt pretty cool.

2008-02-18 21:31:19 ET

This makes me laugh so much, it is so funny. I love you paul!

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