2004-07-01 18:44:37 ET

A little over a year ago I went to concert to see Monique Powell play at City Limits. I went through my general concert stuff of, well, taking a shower. Wore my super cool driver's hat too. Anyway, I get there really fucking early like I always do. There's another person there, a little chick with brown hair and a black/white striped shirt (I think). Later, after people show up and we're all let in, I see her again at the bar. We're both in the "under 21" section. Anyway, I head over there and start talking to her. All I remember is that her name was Corey, she was going to see Soulfly the next day, and she was cool as hell. I don't know why I've been thinking about that, but I have and I thought I'd share it.

2004-07-02 08:13:39 ET

you should scored her digits man

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