2004-07-13 20:15:16 ET

I see this comercial for the Pistons' "Sport's Illustrated" package and I see this guy with a plastic mask looking thing on the top half of his face. What the hell is that thing?

2004-07-19 19:20:19 ET

Richard Hamilton

couldn't tell you why he wears it... a previous injury maybe? i'll look into the matter :P lol

2004-07-19 19:22:56 ET


that was easier than i thought...

2004-07-19 19:25:50 ET

ow, broken noses suck

2004-07-19 19:26:22 ET

it sounds like he has had his share of them too

2004-07-19 19:29:59 ET

It must've been pretty bad though to require surgery. I've been kicked/punched/elbowed and striked various other ways in the face and never needed surgery (although setting hurts like hell)

2004-07-19 19:38:44 ET

ouch! i've been hit in the nose but never broken it. it hurt sooo much, i can't even imagine what breaking it would feel like. i'm a huge wuss though... :P

2004-07-19 21:10:52 ET

Every time I've been hit it was either sparring, fighting, or in a mosh pit, all of which involve so much adrenaline it doesn't hurt as much as you would think. I had a friend though that rode his skateboard into a glass door and broke his nose & zygomatic bone (right under the eye) and that looked like it hurt alot.

2004-07-19 21:26:52 ET

owwwwwww! the only semi-serious blow to the nose i had was in colorguard, getting hit with a flag pole. haha

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