2004-08-01 20:53:42 ET

That vampire son of a bitch stole my girl! I am so kicking some pale, undead ass tonight! Muhahahahahahaha!

2004-08-01 21:18:57 ET

BonnetLady628: what are you doin?
blackguile48459: I planning an assault on the vampire stronghold where that pale ass somabich stole my girl!
blackguile48459: what else?
BonnetLady628: he stole your girl?! youget that mother fucker!
blackguile48459: oh, I'm going open a can of whoop-ass on that undead mofo

2004-08-01 22:43:10 ET

Hey, it there's one less person called something like "xxxbatravenxxx" around we won't mind at all.

2004-08-02 08:52:33 ET

careful for the teeth dear.

2008-02-18 21:36:08 ET

Don't worry baby, I am all yours!

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