2004-08-06 21:46:24 ET

I'm enjoying beer & pizza. It's not so good when you're by yourself. Anyone want some beer & pizza? I have lots. I have a tv . . . satalite tv . . . a ps2 . . . an xbox . . . anybody?

2004-08-06 21:47:35 ET

sounds like a good time but your to far away

2004-08-06 21:56:33 ET

ooh me.
i love pizza.

2004-08-06 21:58:20 ET

i love beer...haha

2004-08-07 01:10:50 ET

beer is good, and it's old deliverry that's been in the fridge for a couple of days, but it's all good.

2004-08-07 03:03:06 ET

musta been a night for beer and pizza i guess... though we didn't play any sort of console... just watched satellite tv instead.

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