2004-09-05 16:42:46 ET

I'm now going to explain a dating relationship that's going on with some friends. All names have been changed to protect those involved. Alfred is with Betty. Betty is with Alfred & Charles. Charles is with Betty & Diane. Diane is with Charles & married to Elvis. Elvis is married to Diane but is trying to also get with Frances. I do hope, however, that Frances is not into this polyamory thing because I am now "with" Frances and I am not into polyamory at all. It is at this point that my brain melts and leaks out my nose all over my nice shirt.

2004-09-07 12:20:02 ET

to be serious:
what teh hell. thats not normal, or maybe it is?

to be totally fucked up:
why would a girl with the name betty be involved with a guy named alfred?

2004-09-07 20:38:16 ET

We call that hurricane. Alfred, betty, charles, etc. are all in descending alphabetical order. A is for Alfred, B is for Betty and so on.

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