New year
2005-01-01 19:24:51 ET

Well, like many homes here in AZ, there was a "shindig" here at my place last night. It consisted of the regulars, being of course Suzie Q, myself, joe, russel, tim, lisa, dan, brandi, & jesse. However, later that night suzie's friend, nessa, showed up (expected) but brought with her (inadvertently, she was very drunk) five people none of us knew. This was not welcome, but was soon rectified when I used some skills I learned bartending to get them out peacefully. Lance (a friend from work) also showed up but that was fine, even though he also brought a strange face with him named Dylan. At any rate, the party was fun and it looks like a good year has started.

This morning Suzzan and I got up and went to her dad's junk yard to look at a car he got for us (a 1986 caddy). Afterwards we went to "Fascinations", a store for "adult couples". We picked up a pocket Kama Sutra gave it shot earlier today. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but the effects were like nothing either of us had ever experienced. I know it's uncouth and unwanted for someone to talk about their sex life, but it was such a new and different experience I feel as though I must share it. Now, however, warm food and my lover's arms await me. So long untill next time.

2005-01-02 06:56:51 ET

mommies little horn dog.

glad you had fun dear!

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