Expanding my horizons
2005-04-01 07:32:25 ET

Today I begin training in an art very new and alien to me. I will begin studying Wing Chun under Sifu Augustine Fong (Fong Chi-Wing). I expect it to be a very difficult undertaking considering how drastically different Wing Chun is from TKD. However, with that said, I do believe it is important for us as martial artists to expand our horizons, not only in the arts we practice but also in as many aspects of our lives as possible. Train ourselves in new arts, learn new things about cultures foreign to our own, meet new people, eat new foods. After all, what kind of life will we look back on when were older if we only do the same things and never anything new?

2005-04-01 09:48:40 ET

my buddy corey used to study under sifu fong. he learned alot, but there wasn't as much sparring as he would've liked.

2005-04-05 20:57:43 ET

wise words

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