Shinken Bikenjutsu
2006-09-06 05:53:03 ET

I spent most of saturday at a tameshigiri seminar. It was awesome and I learned a lot. Things about the history, anthropology, and etiquette revolving around the sword. We debunked some myths and discovered some of the major differences between Bujinkan kenjutsu and the more . . . common? sword arts. Push cuts v. pull cuts and kamae changes, and just how much harder it is to control a sword than a boken with just a few ounces of weight difference (and weight distribution). All in all, I had a lot of fun. Now if only I could actually carry my sword around . . .

2006-09-06 06:12:23 ET

Arizona? IDK

but here, the laws state that technically you can carry a single edged sword, of any length, in plain sight. double edged or concealed and you're screwed.

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