2008-06-28 13:49:29 ET

I just saw Wanted and it was awesome. In a strange way it reminded me of a book I read recently, Anansi Boys by Niel Gaiman. They're both about a mild mannered looser who wakes up to what he really is and discovers there is so much more to life than "getting by". This reflects how I've been feeling lately and after reading Anansi Boys I had decided that it's high time I started making myself happy first. Wanted just reaffirmed this decision and so now I wear a funny hat because I like it. I smile more, and am happy with being me. I make plans for the future that I know I won't stick too and I'm happy about it. I think I'm happy for the first time in a year or more. Cheers to art that changes our lives!

2008-06-29 14:24:33 ET

I loved that movie and will now buy that book since I like Niel Gaiman. It's ridiculousness appealed to me a lot (of the movie that is).

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