Ginger Ale
2008-07-19 15:11:11 ET

Well, my homemade Ginger Ale is done. It sure is better than the normal crap you get at the supermarket, but it's not quite spicy enough and a little flat. Next time 48 hours to steep and twice the ginger.

2008-07-19 15:47:00 ET

loves me some ginger ale.

2008-07-19 17:15:21 ET

sounds tasty, but i am too lazy to make my own, and i'm all about the vernor's ginger ale. mmm

2008-07-19 17:26:10 ET

Reminds me of the Mitch Hedberg joke where he tried to make a Sprite with Lemon and Lime. To which he said he thinks there is more shit in there then that.

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