Logical Beings
2008-10-25 21:16:21 ET

Why is that on the whole human beings tend to be exceedingly non-rational creatures? We know how to create rational thought, define and use logic, and can force ourselves and over time teach ourselves to think rationally. However, we don't do it naturally. It takes years of studied practice to become rational. It even seems to me that that humans may be the least rational creature on the planet. Every other animal follows logic like this: a) I am hungry; b)If I eat something, I will not be hungry; c) I will go get something to eat. Humans don't naturally seem to work this way. In fact, I doubt seriously that we can outline how a human would approach something as primitive as hunger. Just look at us. We eat when we're fat and not even close to hungry, and the starve ourselves when we're rail thin. And food is just the easiest example to relate to other species. Consider breeding, migration, social groups, environmental coexistence, etc. This isn't meant to be an issue of how to make humans logical and rational, nor a critique on our culture today, but rather a question as to the 'why' we are this way.

2008-11-07 11:26:22 ET

ha ha, this is totally kick ass :)))
i demand more!!!
i am quiet serious, i think that this entry has a lot of potential and that it has fresh ideas, which nowadays is very hard to come by :))

2008-11-08 03:20:45 ET

Thanks E. I have to admit that I'm a little surprised that my philosophical ramblings can be considered "fresh." I'm flattered, :).

2008-11-08 07:38:55 ET

:D Welcome V :D
I have always been interested in things like human psychology, behaviorism, and some philosophy :P So, I suppose your ramblings are exactly the sort of thing I would be interested to read in a book...Ever thought of writing one? not necessarily about philosophy...

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