2008-11-22 10:25:24 ET

I've started to miss my headphones. I used to have these nice Bose headphones (see my pictures), but not too long ago I let Suzy take them on a trip with her. The place she was visiting had a dog. The dog ate my headphones. Honestly, I'm not, nor was I at the time, upset about it. It's just plastic & wiring after all. It is just that all I've got to listen to my music in the house is these crappy Walmart computer speakers and an old boombox. I often go driving just so that I can listen to my aftermarket sound system in the car, but I can't hook my Ipod up to it seeing as the extra input is taken up by the Sirius connection. Oh, and the placement of the cigarette lighter is not conducive to plugging in my fm transmitter for the Ipod, so that's a no go. I've just got to burn cds and listen to those. Maybe I'll get some nice studio headphones when I get to England or something. Sorry for complaining to you all, it's just you're all such great listeners . . . lolz :P.

2008-11-24 02:29:26 ET

I bought a pair of Sony's for $50 and they work great. Not Bose but it's a much cheaper alternative.

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