Settling down
2009-02-12 19:35:53 ET

Alright. I'm now living in my flat in Cambridge, got a real internet connection, and love my job. It's cold though, when compared to my desert home, but the snow we've been having remains a magical sight. I'm playing Capoeira again with a group here called group Senzala. It's alright, but there isn't as much dancing, singing, clapping as in Malandragem and I haven't seen any samba or maculele and no seems to have an apelido (nickname), which is saddening. Anyway, anytime ya'll are in merry ole' England, give me a shout and maybe we'll hang out.

2009-02-13 02:19:21 ET

Glad you're doing well. I've always wanted to visit the UK.

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