20 // Aries // Portland
I make videos and take photos here and there.

     2013-05-13 18:43:22 ET
I'm new here, my brother Nate told me about subkultures and suggested that I join because of how awesome and supportive everyone is. I'm 20, living in Portland and in school studying film. It's all pretty nice, I've lived in Portland for my entire life though and desperately want to go experience something outside of this nice little bubble that I'm in.

I've had a rough couple of weeks, I'm hoping that word vomiting on here will help some.

Recently I've been cheated on, said guy ended up in the ICU from with a broken neck and a possibly paralyzed lower body, and is currently being taken care of by his secret girlfriend. Today another friend of mine ended up in the hospital for a suicide attempt. I don't know if I can handle another hospital call any time soon, I think I've had my fair share for the year.

All I can hope for is for things to start going uphill from here. Bottoms up.