Arg arg and more Arg    2013-02-12 19:13:16 ET
Well I'm pretty well into my classes for college so far, still haven't gotten a dang job, but I'm working on that. I just want to say that it's sad when my psych teacher requires more in depth papers than my English Comp teacher does. She is a PSYCHO! Made me put citations after every single sentence in my stupid discussion post! who does that?!

Anyway, Super sleepy tonight and of course on the nights that I'm exhausted from too much homework, housekeeping, children duties, and grocery shopping my hubs wants to go all night! Not that I'm complaining, I love it, but last night I was wide awake and ready to go once the kids were down and he was laying there snoring! (so cute btw)

Soooo.... I guess that I'm going to go do that now. :)
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 On the down low    2013-01-07 12:50:37 ET
Well today has been very interesting. I play a game called Hobbit: Kingdoms of middle earth and I meet some pretty awesome ppl on there... except this one. He told me he was doing dirty things with a cucumber and wanted to know if I wanted pics.. uh NO THANKS... He is totally blocked now. hehe I'm down with some crazy stuff but that is not one of them.

On the flip side I'm in the process of finding another job after my boss became a total jerk off. fingers crossed I get this swanky office job where I get to dress all pretty and smell good for tha boys ;)

Anyway time to go rock out to some Static X and be the awesome chick that I am.. laterz skaterz


 My Cherry Popper    2013-01-04 04:41:39 ET
Well... Here I am. Brand spanking new. I even got the new smell to me still. How goes it with all you party people! ^_^