2007-04-16 05:49:45 ET
i got a new tattoo on friday, it's my favoite i think.

so D.O.A. was last saturday. The all ages show we only got 78 kids out, bt they fuckin went nuts. Here's a video from that show:


So at that show Joelin came out, and hung around the dor with me a bunch. I didnt see any of the show other than D.O.A. because I was stuck working the door with Mark.

So Mark. Noelle has this big crush on him and I was prying him for info on her and it wasnt realy working. well actually, it pretty much backfired. He wrote T + M on our water bottels and then ave me his number and stuff. noelle was pretty pissed.

Jeff came and hung out by me for a bit. we did't talk too muchcause i was working and such but when he was in the pit he took his shirtoff, soo hawt.

Also, while i was still stuck on the door bryson came in to tlak to me.
I kicked him out, baha.

Night show:

So around 6 we get a fucking snowstorm. Tim and I get snowed in at his apartment and we miss all of sound check and when doors are supposed to open. 10:00, show's supposed to b starting and theirs fucking8 people there. I pushed everything back till 11 and had to make up a whole new set schedule in my head.

so by 12 D.O.A. is about to take the stage and we have 300 people out by then. I was so fucking happy. Cabs were all off the roads so anyone who came pretty much walked.

Lauren somehow managed to get herself on the guest list. i was fucking pissed she was there.

The show al in all went really well. War Pony said it was the best show they've ever played,and those guys are like 30. The Crimson Tides were forever grateful, and friday Adam Bowes come to work and dropped off a quart of firebal for me from him and the rest o the tides for putting them on the bill. I think Adam was my favorite, I was making him do all the postphonage announcements because the dudes fucking hilarious.

Randy Rampage and Joey Shithead kept telling e to stop runing around and just have a beer. lol. Randy bought me this really yummy rum drink and Tim gave me some corona's with lime, wich tasted funny.

So in the end, Tim was drunk and I was running the show completly alone.

Clancy trned out to be the best roadie ever, and worked well as a stage bouncer too.

I went home with Bryson, but i jut slept there and left at 9am.

Lauren talked to me a bunc,a nd se was bitching about how her roomate was hitting on bryson, like i wanted to hear about it.

Monday Karmina nd I drove down to Lunenburg for theD.O.A. show there. We just pretty much sat in her prelude with Randy Rampage and Joey Shithead n the backseat drinking beers and stuff. Randy fucking loved hanging out with us, we coulnt get rid of him. but i didnt want to anyways, it was relaly fun.

the Lunenburg promoter sucked and only got 35 people ncluding all bands out to the show. D.O.A. were fucking pissed.

I wish Jeff Pinhead would pay more attention to me.

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