2006-01-01 18:56:56 ET
new years was awesome. friday before new years eve was amazing. Gregory and I took over the guys place for the purpose of a horror movie marathon. We watched the devils rejects, children of the corn and natural born killers, in that order. around natural born killers I was braiding his hair and he was caressing my leg and after shawn fell asleep beside us that turned into the caressing of eachothers hands until we were cuddeling and holding hands. then when shawn went to bed we decided to too. we slept on the coach in Dave's room togetehr adn it turned into caressing and kissing and ending in gregory with a big hicky on his neck. when Dave woke up we were shirtless and he rubbed my head and said goodmorning, he said we were so cute he wanted to take a picture but the camera was in the other room. before getting to the guy's house Gregory picked me up from work and he gave me a present, a Devil's Rejects t-shirt, I already have the shirt but I am going to give the old one to Karmin and keep the one gregory gave to me. I gave him a burned cd of all my favorite Black Label Society adn some Pride and Glory songs. I stayed at the guys palce until about 3 saturday then went home to sleep until I had to drive to the shore to pick up Karmin then we headed back to the guys place for their new years party. When I got there Jessie decided she wanted to beat me up :( it hurt alot and I have tons of bruises. it was all because she was very drunk and violent but after awhile she gave up trying to get me to fight her and showered me with kisses instead. Kristen and I decided that we should be make out buddies so I got kisses from her. Jason and I had a couple of our infamous drunken fights and I accidently hit him in the balls so I told him he could punch me. He punched me in the jaw in the hall and I bounced my head against the wall and almost passed out. I ended up wtih swollen lip from that. Noelle get very drunk and that resulted in her being very loud and obnoxious. Katy with a y told me that since i am marrying Greg, i will become her grandmother. At one point the entire living room burst out into song singing bohemion rapsody. I talked to Lisa around 2 on the phone when she called Dave, she is in New York with her parents until tomorrow. I missed her pretty face. Greg and I were having a conversation in Shawn Wilson's room about something when all of a sudden the two girls laying on the bed were topless. Keith left the party early and I gave him a goodbye/new years kiss. I came accross a room that I knew no one in and introduced myself, then ahd a quite conversation then left. I was told by someone i had nice hair. Kirkers cousin and I became best friends. I met a girl with the same sweater as me adn we talked about it for about 15 minuites. Oakley puked all voer the guys living room. I took care of Seara who I havent seen in about 3 years because she felt sick and thought she might throw up so I took her otuside for some fresh air then put her to bed. Noelle disapeared for awhilea dn came back with condoms that she had boguth for Gregory. Gregory held my hand adn we went on adventures to find people in the hosue. Teddy gave us his room for the ngith adn we went in and listened to the cd i burned him and cuddeled and made out in our undies. Then we ahd a beautiful talk and fell asleep in eachothers arms around 4:30. I woke upo around 5 adn went out to talk to Karmin and Adam. Then back to bed until Oakley walked in thinking that it was the bathroom with his pants down. quite disturbing. I was woken up at 8 by Karmin telling me Adam was driving us home so I said goodbye to gregory got dressed adn we left. Karmin and I came abck to my place and slept until 2 then I drove her abck to the shore and we got coffee and cafe mochas. I had a wonderful time.

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