2005-03-09 14:29:06 ET
We made socks at sewing class tongiht out of this really ugly material. I like them though. It took a whole 2 hours just to make a pair of socks >.< we must be mentally challenged when it comes to sewing or something.

Today at school was drama drama drama. It wasn't very fun. I really miss Jon being at school :( I'm glad march break is soon and I'll be able to spend more time with him, because we haven't been spending as much latley, when we're supposed to be spending more. I think he was mad at me at lunch today when I called him, because he told me he had to go because he was going out, right after he had just said he wasn't going out. I wish he'd try to understand things better instead of just getting mad at me for nothing because it really stresses me out and he doesn't even realise it. fuck I hate boys.

I have a math test tomorrow, I am going to ace it. Just like I aced my quiz last week, I got a 96% :D I amaze myself sometimes.

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