high school is retarded.
2005-01-10 16:41:02 ET

So today I was talking to my friend Corey about this girl he likes named Ella (I absolutly hate this girl and he's pretty much in love with her) Anyways, I told him about how in her online journal it said that Nick had told her that "Corey only wants to get in her pants" so he should really talk to her about it. Instead, he goes downstairs and confronts Nick about saying stuff about him and claims he's going to hit him (which he never does). It was really fucking stupid, Corey definetly won't do anything to this kid but Nick's convinced he's going to get his ass kicked. So Ella freaks out, says I've ruined her life and tells corey never to speak to her again. This girl is fucking retarded. Corey is so in love with her and she just ruined her chances with an awesome guy. In a way I'm glad she did, but I'm really sad for Corey. Bleh, I bet by Wednesday they're talking again and everything will be fine.

2005-01-10 16:44:57 ET

Welcome to the asylum, please don't feed the inmates.

I'm so glad that I never had any friends that did that in high school.

Mind you, that might be largely due to the fact that I didn't have any friends in high school...

2005-01-10 16:52:55 ET

people can act so stupid...

Welcome to SK!!

2005-01-10 16:52:59 ET

Aw thats so sad : ( I'm sure everyone secretly wanted to be your friend, but you were too awesome for them all.

2005-01-10 16:56:26 ET

Welcome to SK

we all float down here

2005-01-10 16:59:35 ET

Holy Cow! Someone that actually figured it out right away!

2005-01-10 17:17:14 ET

i say you have a throwdown. take bets, and run with the money. its the only option i can see.

2005-01-10 17:19:22 ET

Say, "Save the drama for your mama." And if that doesn't work, say, "Save the drama for Osama." And if that doesn't work, resort to violence.

2005-01-10 17:48:59 ET

Ah yes, bands- BLS- all fuckin right, a fellow SDMF on this site

2005-01-11 06:15:53 ET

my god.. I am glad I am no longer in high school..

2005-01-15 08:14:37 ET

welceom to Sk and I'm glad I'm not in high school any longer.

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