2005-01-11 11:00:51 ET

Today after school Noelle and I took the bus to Fabricville. I didn't have any money so I just stole scissors from Art class and then cut off pieces of fabric to make patches. Then Noelle drove me home, we almost hit a snowbank and she spun her tires on some ice. When we were on the bus this stupid guy named Nick was going on about how he's going to start smoking pot just because all his friends do it and he feels he'll get invited places and be less ignored if he does, so I told him that was the stupidist thing I had ever heard and he got all mad at me.

Tonight Jon and I are hanging out. He's going to burn The Village and we're gonig to watch it at his place. I'm in a cuddely mood and I can't wait to go see him. <3

[ps-last ngiht was my ferrets birthday and she got a pretty black sweater! It's the cutest thing but she absolutly hates it. That's allright though because it's just for when I take her outside for walks]

2005-01-11 11:22:30 ET

put the sweater on the ferret and release it on nick. full proof.

2005-01-11 14:34:25 ET

haha aww the sweater is cute on her

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