2005-01-23 11:53:00 ET

wow what a horrible fucking day I've had. Theirs a snowstorm out so I can't fuckngi go anywhere and I really want to get out of this goddamn house. Last nigh Jon called me around 12 and said that he's hanging out wtih Nikki the slut then I made a comment about how I should have gone to the show tonight instead of bowling and he fucking hangs up on me because I wanted to goto a show where there was other guys when he's out drinking with a stupid slut. so around 1 today I call his house to see if he's up cause he asked me to hang out today, and his mom tells me he never came home last night. So I call James and accidently wake him up and ask if he knows where jon is, he says he thinks he's still at his place and that he'd go check, but I told him it was ok to just stay in bed but he got him anyways. so i ask him when he's comming home, he says soon and fucknig hangs up on me again. I got really fucknig upset and had an hour long shower in which i just stood there and cried as loud as I wanted to cause no one could hear me. Then he calls me at 2:30 and tells me he's walking home in the snowstorm for me, then starts bitching and yellnig at me for waking James up so I just got upset and hung up on him because he wouldnt stop fucking yelling at me. Around 4 I call his house to see if he got home ok, his mom tells me he got home an hour ago an that he's asleep and he'd call me when he wakes up. He didn't even fucknig bother calling when he got home, Like he fucknig asked me to hang out today. fuck he makes me so fucking mad. He still hasn't fucking called me, and I highly doubt he's still sleeping. I just want to fucking beat the shit out of him right now. He makes me so fucknig mad. I want him to feel as horrible as he makes me feel. and now to top everything off my mom is freaking out at me and calling me a bitch because I said I wasn't hungry and didn't want supper. I wish they'd all just fuck off and leave me the hell alone.

2005-01-24 02:39:10 ET

sounds like a bad day to me. :(

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