attention whores.
2005-01-31 06:29:32 ET

You know you're cool when you just have to change your msn name to *x*I got my tongue pierced*x* to get some fucknig attention. And you go out and buy brand new clothes but then sew a random patch on them in the most hidious place to make them look more "instert whatever the fuck your trying to look like here". I'd suggest discusting. Yeah I have patches on my pants to, but at least mine are covering up a hole. Then you have to make up some fucking lie about getting smashed and having a huge bruise on your face that no one can see, so you claim that the make up is covering it. If it was really as bad as your saying it is, it would show thorugh, or maby be swollen. but no, you and your stupid friend are just attention whores and everyone hates you for it. I swear I'll kick your ass someday.

2005-01-31 07:03:13 ET


2005-01-31 08:31:59 ET

I generally attempt to refrain from entering the spotlight.
Perhaps I am just content to be very introverted, or perhaps I do not like to attract undue attention.

Perhaps some people do not know how to cope with being alone.
Maybe the thought of not having someone there to talk to about yourself frightens them.

When it comes down to it, all I have is myself; I get along great with me.

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