Dance Dance Revolution
2005-03-01 03:20:46 ET

Their's a blizzard outside and busses were cancelled today :D

Yesterday there was so much drama at school. And Katie got kicked out of her house and had to move to Eastern shore with her mom :*(. I'm planning a big Ladie's Night the weekend of may 13th when my parents go away. It'll be awesome and Katie betetr be there. Last ngiht Noelle and I went to Value Village and the mall. I got this pink t-shirt that says: "smiles are free; get with me". At the mall we went to the arcade ad played that crazy dance dance revolution game. I realy sucked. I had something like 52 misses and 10 perfect ;) I did better before I figured out how to even play. Then some boys tried to talk to us but I guess we seemed to disinterested to persue any further ;).

hopefully Jon will come over and make chinese food with me today. mm.

2005-03-01 05:05:56 ET

Wow... you're having blizzards enough to cancel school whereas we're outside in t-shirts mowing the grass...
*note: I'm in Vancouver, BC*

2005-03-01 05:31:19 ET

Wow! Yeah, I was watching the weather network news and there were people in BC out at the beach! It was insane. I wish it was like that here. everythings still covered in snow :*(

2005-03-01 15:10:26 ET

If it makes you feel any better I nearly wore a jacket today... it looked like it might rain a little.

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