2006-10-05 06:19:01 ET

an old friend came over yesterday. I was shocked to hear how her life's been going. this summer she went to toronto to strip for a few weeks. when she came home she had a complete mental breakdown and spent the rest of the summer in the hospital. They discovered she was bi-polar. they sent her home and she tried to kill herself, landing her back in for another month. I don't know how i can help her.

2006-10-05 06:29:00 ET

I hate to be a jerk, but I've got a step-sister who's bipolar (thus, I'm an expert, j/k.) The only thing that's ever really helped her is continual medication and visits with a psychologist. Otherwise, well, all the negatives got really out of hand.

2006-10-05 07:05:19 ET

Yup. What he said. Hate to say it but you can't really help much, beyond just being there. Lost track of how many nights I sat up next to the ex in bed keeping an eye on her so she couldn't try offing herself while I slept. Your friend is getting help. That's a huge plus.

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