2007-12-04 13:30:14 ET

so haven't updated in just about forever?

Greg, do you even still check this? or have you given up all hope?

Soo. Moved out of Highfield, thank fuck, and have been living in Halifax since june.

Also, started dating my roommate about a month after moving in. His names nicolin. he's a skinhead. and he's soo cute/nice/good in bed.

Last weekend I finally moved all my stuff into his room. It's weird, having to share a room n stuff, even though he was in my room every night before anyways... He's actually sitting on our bed talking to me right now >.<<BR>
most horrible news ever.. it's so bad i don't even want to type it.
opal the ferret died the other day.
I'm absolutly heartbroken. she was the best thing that had ever happened in my life. Anyone who hasn't ahd a ferret before.. it's pretty much the same as a dog. she would know if i was upset and lay with me if i was crying. And she was always a big ball of energy. Ferrets are supposedly a cage pet.. but mine lived in my room with me, slept with me at night, and followed me around all day.

Ah.. I miss her sooo much...

2007-12-05 20:50:12 ET

my younger brother lives in Hali.

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