2009-12-20 03:33:26 ET

Last night was awesome. I'm glad you texted me out of nowhere. I'm glad I went.

You know what you want. Come after it.

And yes...friends do play checkers. Alot. =]

2009-12-20 03:53:46 ET

checkers is for fags and gay people

2009-12-20 07:23:35 ET

you're for fags and gay people...

2009-12-20 13:08:19 ET


2009-12-20 13:43:26 ET

If it's Lars, it's not gay.

At least that's what he told me before we had bhutsecks.

2009-12-20 16:46:15 ET

i'm all gay all the time, kthx.

2009-12-21 07:26:12 ET

i'm ok with that rudolph...

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