2010-01-06 13:35:46 ET

Is it weird that this place feels like home and I've never lived here a day in my life? I hope my orders go through and I actually do get to live here. I feel like this is my next move. Can't wait to get my cali tattoo =]

2010-01-06 13:48:42 ET

where am you?

2010-01-07 11:20:03 ET

I ams in Tahoe =]

2010-01-07 13:34:00 ET

ah kewl...can't remember if i've ever been there or not

2010-01-09 16:15:17 ET

oh you'd remember...it's heaven on earth....it's so amazingly beautiful there

2010-01-09 16:58:39 ET

i dunno depends on the kind of beauty. a lot of more natural beaty in america blends together in my mind as i grew up in north dakota and then my parents moved to montana and i got really burned out on trees and rocks and hills and lakes trees and rocks and hills and lakes. d-;

tahoe sounds like a place i've maybe driven through at some point in the past but i'm not sure...there are certain natural areas that i do remember because of their uniqueness...like the oregon coast, northern california, yellowstone, and the north shore of lake superior in minnesota. but i've been through a lot of other areas that are very pretty and people are very 'OMG' about but regardless of how pretty they are i still just see trees and rocks and hills and lakes d-;

2010-01-09 17:15:05 ET

yeah tahoe is in NorCal

2010-01-09 17:22:44 ET

ah then i bet i have driven through the area...i've been to a loooot of places in the states. a lot of them blend together unless i've been there more than once.

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