2010-01-13 17:18:57 ET my birthday!! =]

in this last year i have...
-gotten 2 piercings
-gotten 2 tattoos
-snowboarded in Tahoe (hellla)
-had a one night stand
-learned what real love is
-broken up with someone
-seen that someone come back and apologize
-didn't take him back cause i loved myself more
-decided what i want to be when i grow up
-went back to school
-made dance cuts for competition!
-gotten lots of closure
-decided its stupid to hate people forever, even if they still hate you
-made plans to move on with my life...and possibly forever
-found out how much i love you ;hearts&
-learned that real love sometimes involves walking away if it means something better will come out of it later

2010-01-14 07:25:28 ET

happyyyy birthday!

2010-01-14 10:15:29 ET

happy birthday!

2010-01-14 15:43:14 ET

Happy Birthday!

2010-01-14 18:01:54 ET

thx guys =]

2010-01-14 20:16:26 ET

happy womb liberation day to ye

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