2010-02-12 08:27:13 ET

Exes should have their fucking thumbs chopped off after breaking up so they can't fucking text anymore. How DARE you text me and call me a slut after YOU left ME for another fucking girl! Then tell me I'm uneducated cause I was so mad all I could muster was "fuck. you.". Yeah, ok, not the most dignified response but ya know what? How bout if you're going to bash MY college education, actually have one to back up your argument.

How do you go from "i love you so much I wish we could be together again" to "fuck you you're a slut. that must be fulfilling."

Seriously? Seriously?!

OMG I can't wait for Barry to get here and to actually be with a decent man. You want a reason we're not together anymore? This is it. I'm done.

2010-02-13 12:09:18 ET

Sounds like he's a real gem ... I've had plenty of those in my day .... I love how they call you that when they haven't even gone to college or university ... nice real nice .... you are definately better off with out him, yay for nice boys :)

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