je suis ici!
2010-08-08 04:16:12 ET

and it's awesome =] alot cooler here than at home. THANK GOD. Matt's still amazing in person and his son is definitely his child. Ornery as ever. :P

Had a Molson last night...I can say I did it. not saying i'll ever do it again lol. Have yet to go to a chip stand. very curious about these since we don't have them at home.

Matt and I watched Clerks last night since i'd never seen it. it's hilarious. sorry i didn't see it sooner.

Life is good SK...i already wish i could stay forever. <3

2010-08-08 09:24:22 ET

:) I wish there was a love button. I am loving how happy you are and how great things are going.

2010-08-08 18:15:30 ET

That's so awesome :)

And Molson is seriously the WORST beer ever. I can't stand that shit, and their wannabe patriotic commercials piss me off :P

I think chip stands are an Easterner thing... We don't have them out West :(

2010-08-09 00:00:30 ET

dude yes, POUTINE ft(f)w !!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm

2010-08-09 04:47:19 ET

idk...gravy..cheese curds...and fries? doesn't sound great but Matt swears by it too so i guess we'll see. he's taking me to see some waterfalls and nature-ish things later this week. We're going to a concert tonight. some small band from Quebec or Vancouver...I can't remember. and yes i realize how far apart those are lol..

today while matt's at work? i brave walmart. went to the grocery store on the corner yesterday and was bombarded with french questions when i checked out. thank god matt was there today should be interesting... :P

2010-08-09 05:51:47 ET

Dude, it sounds disgusting, but its so good.

Where does Matt live?

2010-08-09 06:26:19 ET

chelmsford, ON

2010-08-09 15:36:44 ET

Ah ok.. near Sudbury. I was wondering about the French, but that explains it.

2010-08-10 03:18:10 ET

well i mean they're pretty nice about switching to English when i look at them like they have 3 heads lol

2010-08-10 06:01:07 ET

Hahaha that's good! Not all places here are like that.. I can only think of three outside Quebec and Subury is one of them.

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