doggy prozac?
2010-08-27 18:01:00 ET

So Bella had spent the whole summer with my brother playing with her when i wasn't around then she went to Matt's and got to hang out with the cat for 2 weeks.

Now she's all mopey around the house and she's been chewing on herself (legs, paws, back) non stop and she's actually opened skin in a few places.

I called the vet and asked if there was a cream or something i could use to make her stop. The vet said that bichons are naturally social dogs and if they don't have an animal companion they really don't know what to do with themselves and they get depressed.

So because getting a new puppy AND taking 21 hours this semester just doesn't sound fun, I thought of getting a cat. i realize there is an element of training but cats are more independent than dogs and it would be a companion for Bella without me having to constantly keep and eye on the newcomer.

She got along with Matt's kitten great after the first few days. They really had fun together. So i'm hoping this will be a good solution.


2010-08-27 18:08:11 ET

I'd say get a kitten rather than an already grown cat simply because a cat who's already grown will have a much harder time adjusting. In my experience kittens who grow up with dogs do better than cats who get thrown into a new home with them.

2010-08-28 04:59:52 ET

yeah that's why i do want a kitten. plus kittens are cute. :3

2010-08-28 10:42:20 ET

yea ... my moms dogs and cats get along great .... the one dog grooms one of them its really bizare, and I agree with the kitten thing

2010-08-28 11:16:36 ET

yeah i got her today =] it's weird having a cat...i'm used to having to follow a dog around and make sure it doesn't poop on the rug. although the whole tearing up everything with claws is just super cute! -_-

lol...getting her spayed and declawed soon

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