the mean reds
2010-09-23 20:29:55 ET

Ugh. bad night. matt and i were both pissy and to him that means being reserved and quiet. To me that means being clingy to him cause he makes me feel better.

so neither of us were getting what we needed tonight. and i it bugged me that when i poured out exactly what was wrong and bothering me, all i got was "ok". i know he has alot on his mind but one word answers after telling him what's wrong kinda makes me feel like he's blowing me off.

i just feel like maybe he's not as excited about talking to me like he used to be.

idk it might be just a weird night that will blow over.

i've been super stressed out with school lately. it's like when i finish one project someone is waiting in line to give me another one or tell me to fix something on the old one.

tomorrow should be good. i'm going to see a band and have some beer and shopping.

i hope this isn't the start of a stupid fight and a stupid break up. bleh.


2010-09-24 06:33:16 ET

I have moments of that with my boyfriend, also. When he's in a mood he can sometimes be a little distant but, it's usually just best to give him space. Perhaps that's the case with Matt?

2010-09-24 07:02:42 ET

There's 20 hrs of space between us lol. But I know what you mean. I sent him a msg like laying everything out so he knows exactly what I'm thinking. So hopefully when we talk tonight something will get resolved. I just hate waiting for the call and feeling icky all day ya know?

2010-09-24 07:35:58 ET

Yeah. Totally.

2010-09-24 08:28:52 ET

Icky icky icky

2010-09-30 01:18:52 ET

how did it go ?

2010-09-30 04:13:21 ET

i cried and was a huge girl lol. and matt told me that when i'm upset i should basically draw him a picture of what i need lol.

he said "i'm a guy. we just grunt and get over it. if you need to be verbally cuddled, you need to tell me" lol

my best friend said she had the same convo with her husband so i don't feel so bad :P

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