I miss my family
2011-01-22 04:17:22 ET

I've never had a boyfriend whom I felt was family before. Maybe it's just cause there's a child involved but still. Not even Logan who lived with me. I get homesick for Canada. I honestly can't think of one thing I'd miss so much that I wouldn't move there.

There will be a day when I don't have to travel back and forth but that day feels like centuries from now. I miss him and Tristan so much. I wake up and wish I had to get up early with Tristan. Around dinner I get excited cause Matts coming home. I miss being able to reach out and touch the man I love whenever I want. It hurts more this time. Maybe cause I love him more now.

114 days.

2011-01-22 04:23:36 ET


2011-01-25 02:22:27 ET


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