2011-03-08 05:30:31 ET

does matt not speaking to me mean he's really stopped loving me?

it feels like it...

2011-03-10 13:47:31 ET

while i appreciated you efforts to help me whoever posted that...i won't find some magic way to get over Matt on the internet. He was part of my soul for a very long time. There aren't words out there to just fix it overnight. Trust me, sometimes I wish there were.

I just post here to get things off my chest.

2011-03-10 13:52:04 ET

understandable, my point wasn't magic words, but the fact that psychological speaking, there is a grieving process and that everything is normal. maybe read the name of the poster before deleting the response so quick... or block comments if you don't want input.

i'd be disappointed in hearing that you went from 'love of my life' to 'meh' in an hour or two about the boy, ya know?

2011-03-10 17:53:53 ET

i wasn't trying to insult you...i guess this is just the independent weird part of me that is like "I CAN DO IT MYSELF!" which i realize is childish...but since i'm in capable of a logical thought right now, this is what i'm doing...so..i apologize for my childishness and stubbornness

2011-03-25 01:02:11 ET

awww ... I haven't been on here in forever ... I'm sorry to hear about you and matt hun :( Hope you are doin ok !

2011-03-25 17:25:46 ET

ya know how you break a bone and it heals...but it's never really the same? yeah...

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