2011-06-16 13:51:05 ET

I'm so sick of people letting petty things get to them.

I get that people get stressed about life in general, but that doesn't mean that I want to hear you rant about how someone looked at you wrong and so it ruined your entire day. I'm so sick of everyone being so negative.

My life isn't perfect right now either, but if I sat around all negative and complaining about everything all the time, it wouldn't get any better.

It seems I can't have a normal conversation with anyone lately cause they're always like "yeah and then this stupid rock was in the sidewalk today so I had the worst day ever! that rock ruined my day!" i just wanna be like "i get that you're stressed, but letting stupid petty shit get to you isn't helping your or anyone else, so quit being so fucking down on life. just shut up and start getting over your issues."


2011-06-16 14:33:30 ET

I couldnt agree more. I dont let much get me down and almost every day is a good day because I try to accept life on lifes terms. And in the social work field, I always know it could be worse.

2011-06-16 14:43:32 ET

maybe it was a racist rock.

2011-06-16 15:33:57 ET


2011-06-17 12:06:29 ET

omg gryfin that's gold...lol

and yes it could have been a racist rock i suppose.

i mean...i'm still (some days) messed up over matt not being around even though we've talked and settled it. it just totally breaks my heart some days to know that i'll never see him again.

and yeah i know that's not the WORST thing in the world to be going through, but in my world, it's pretty sucky.

but i don't walk around all day crying and throwing things. or i'd be stuck in that rut forever.

2011-06-28 01:50:15 ET

i'm so sick of people who let people who let petty issues get to them get to them and then having to read them ranting about those people ranting all up in here.


2011-07-03 06:22:59 ET

then don't read it. done.

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