torpor.2002-12-03 11:53:51 ET

the last few days i've been clawing at walls
i have nothing to do and nothing to wake up for,
though i can't sleep anyway. when i do the dreams have teeth. side affects may including listlessness, fatigue, nausea, sliver-glimpses of god, and stupid urges associated with boredom: females, alcohol, tobacco and firearms, spending money for entertainment, the need for love, the need for attention, the need for socialization in general. i feel pathetic again, and i want to tear myself in two and spill all over the floor.
i'm completely self-sufficient when i'm working because i am in control. i am a fucking mess if i'm not.

furthermore i don't have any pants.

2002-11-29 18:57:42 ET

My admissions packet to MassArt has to get to FedEx by tomorrow afternoon. It's not done yet. Hooray for last minute panic. And stimulants. Long night ahead.

2002-11-29 09:01:04 ET

All night long on the broken glass
livin in a medicine chest
mediteromanian hotel back
sprawled across a roll top desk
the monkey rode the blade on an
overhead fan
they paint the donkey blue if you pay
I got a telephone call from Istanbul
my baby's coming home today
will you sell me one of those if I shave my head
get me out of town is what fireball said
never trust a man in a blue trench coat
never drive a car when you're dead
Saturday's a festival
Friday's a gem
dye your hair yellow
and raise your hem
follow me to beulah's on
dry creek road
I got to wear the hat that my baby done sewed
take me down to buy a tux
on red rose bear
got to cut a hole in the day
I got a telephone call from Istanbul
my baby's coming home today

-tom waits

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