horology 1012002-11-18 19:26:49 ET

i made a cuckoo clock today. what did you do?
i'm about to add cuckoo clocks to my ever growing list of things i collect.
earlier this evening my mother's two front teeth (temporary fillings) fell out. i saved them. i only mention this because i also collect teeth.
damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

manly yes, but i love it too.2002-11-18 11:24:16 ET

no'doz is a vengeful god. lungs spitting fire, blood lightning pulse, gilded woven-filigree, veins on a skeletal leaf.

i really should be working2002-11-15 11:33:31 ET

i can spend all day using the Babelfish ( http://babelfish.altavista.com/ ) , writing something in english, translating it to another language, and translating it back to see what i get.

I'll Meet You In Poland, Baby

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