2002-10-21 13:07:23 ET

stretching my own canvas is so satisfying

let's pretend we're bunny rabbits2002-10-21 08:15:53 ET

i'm searching all the major online book stores for a book i swear exists. it's just illustrations of twisted bunny rabbits.
no luck, but let me tell you, there are some highly entertaining childrens books concerning rabbits. there are pirate bunnies, space bunnies, and robot bunnies! and a whole bunch of books that sound dirty (the bunny who wanted red wings, let's make bunnies, etc). and wedged in between all these kid's books are books on cooking rabbits. ha.
i'm looking for this book because i'm not sure if i'm accidentally plagiarizing this guy.
ooo a necropsy guide for rabbits.

rock out :2002-10-20 11:12:17 ET

picked up 2 labcoats, one for me and one for izzy. jon already got one. pickin's gitten slim at the west haven goodwill, act now! speaking of goodwill, this is so true: http://www.theonion.com/onion3838/goodwill_toy_section.html

i bought a pitcher plant to solve my fruit fly problem. i keep alot of fruit eating insects as pets, so it happens, i guess.

izzy, you're a bum. wake up. i drank just as much as you did last night.

i got molested last night. no kids involved, so don't say it.

i want to make a headress. im not sure how to go about this. i need to aquire ram horns and porcupine quills.


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