rock out :
2002-10-20 11:12:17 ET

picked up 2 labcoats, one for me and one for izzy. jon already got one. pickin's gitten slim at the west haven goodwill, act now! speaking of goodwill, this is so true:

i bought a pitcher plant to solve my fruit fly problem. i keep alot of fruit eating insects as pets, so it happens, i guess.

izzy, you're a bum. wake up. i drank just as much as you did last night.

i got molested last night. no kids involved, so don't say it.

i want to make a headress. im not sure how to go about this. i need to aquire ram horns and porcupine quills.


2002-10-20 11:31:19 ET

Don't use ram horns and porcupine quills. Make a Vegas headdress with red sequins and feathers!

And we wanna hear the molestation story. . .

2002-10-20 11:37:12 ET

yeah i thought of you guys when i read that onion thing the other day...

and labcoats are hot. Extremely.

2002-10-20 11:39:19 ET

feathers are another option, in place of quills. a much cheaper option at that.
ebay, god's rummage sale, has some decent horns for $10.
research into porcupines lead to a marvelous discovery: porcupines are fuckin awesome. i think i am one.

2002-10-20 11:41:18 ET

Vegas girls rock though.

2002-10-20 11:42:18 ET

only vegas flapper girls

2002-10-20 11:42:55 ET

difference? you mean as opposed to residents of Vegas or something?

2002-10-20 11:46:51 ET

no no, i think of like skanky chicks wearing leather with the boobs cut out. but i've never been to vegas. nor do i ever want to!

2002-10-20 11:54:46 ET

Yeah there's a lot of that now, but when I say Vegas girls I mean the old style ones all glitter and cool headdresses. . want to be one. Vegas does suck though.

2002-10-20 18:00:22 ET

try going to a pagan store or something for supplies?

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