wheres your nog moustache? (handlebar of course)2003-12-09 13:20:23 ET

or maybe nog muttonchops.
so, i've reappeared to write about two things that are on my mind right now.
first off, i went to psychic tv with Strom on friday. and i we left after 2 songs. pssst, genesis is old, pass it on.
second, if it hasn't happened already, i'd like the SK hivemind to once again get back in the holiday NOG spirit. though i don't keep up with peoples posts anymore, i shouldn't have to, you should all have nog avatars by now.
and ok, i have a related question- when egg nog is alcoholic, what is it doctored up with? i've never had alcoholic egg nog. the idea seems absolutely repulsive. dairy, eggs, and alcohol. all it needs is a twist of lemon to curdle to your liking. or a baby octopus or something floating around in the glass.

as it is, so be it. (very special)2003-10-07 13:25:08 ET

so apparently PTV is starting up again ... and they're playing NYC on dec. 5th...
how do i feel about that? let me know.
mr(s). p-orridge has updated his website for the first time in a year... the front page is a fun read...
"If you are in New york and BELIEVE you can truly learn the PTV way of L-if-E and creativity, AND you can project the idea of BREAKING SEX in a non-stereotypical way onstage..."
you too can be in psychic tv. which means nothing, btw.
http://www.genesisp-orridge.com/ if you care.

so. i haven't updated in a month. and it's been about a year since this page has had any content relevant to the life and times of the very special Andrew F. Pasco. who am i to interfere with something so very special? after all, it took me a long time to do. so, in the interest of continuity, you get nothing.

2003-08-28 09:32:49 ET

i'm moving back to boston on monday.
on the brightest side of this incredibly stark predicament for whom i have only myself to blame (and that's what really hurts):
i ain't gonna have to see or talk to ANYBODY anymore. YAY!

when i get back i will be the coldest sonna bitch you ever did seen.

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