2003-08-14 06:28:16 ET

my beloved african ocellated #9 praying mantis died sometime yesterday in mid-molt. i mourn her passing with...

1/what are your initials/ AFP 2000
2/what is your zodiac/ "heh... pegasus" (-chester)
3/what's your location like/ comfortable, inert, suffocating
4/what are you up to, besides this survey/ spray painting, collaging, listening to music, self loathing
5/what are your plans for tonight and tomorrow night/ tonight- art (in vain)
tomorrow- long car ride to cape cod for the hell of it, eat dinner there, come home.
6/what do you do at 4:20/ have breakfast
7/what do you crave right now/ a reason
8/what do you think of electric toothbrushes/ po' man's e-bow
9/are you involved with anyone other than your hand/ i can't legally answer that
10/would you really be able to last in the entertainment industry/ will the entertainment industry be able to last alongside me?
11/you can never eat enough of what/ the shit i lay on myself
12/what's outside your window/ two little sparrows.
13/what do you WANT to do RIGHT NOW/ undress and run into the woods. glow. grow runners and send them in every direction as fast as my light can take them. one will go to the treehouse that my father built for me in the corner of the yard at my old house. one to a chilly place where narwhals break through the ice and sing cerulean hymns . one will corkscrew deep into the ground and vibrate violently. they will all circle the world and meet back with me. then i will squeeeeeze. time starts over.
14/what do you HAVE to do before the day is over/ i have never had an obligation
15/who is annoying you right now/ myself.
16/do you draw/ no.
17/what is the biggest part of your life/ myself
18/your feelings about pain are/ necessity for growth
19/do you believe horoscopes/ not in their common practice
20/how are you feeling at the moment/ inferior, childlike, deluded, burdened with a lifelong sense of nameless urgency. calm and comfortable.
21/what is the next purchase you're planning to make/ something i don't need
22/what do you want to know more about/ today i decided that i like not knowing better
23/are you in love/ i keep a sacred secret
24/what movie do you enjoy immensely/ KUNG POW
25/what book do you recommend to everyone you know/ suicide for dummies
26/what is your political stance/ an aerial view, laughing
27/what color do you want to dye your hair/ titanium white- its only "legolas white" now
28/what could you spend an infinite amount of time doing/ idling
29/what type of accent do you want/ enochian
30/who is the ultimate human being/ whoever it is, the title isn't exactly complementary
31/what is your ideal mate like/

net veined blackberry stained
vernal tongue, blood-honey-milk,
a taut black chord
held irridescent, nacreous
crepuscular glinting
muddied feet, mistle-toed canter
wet tendril, incensed
bramble-bath lathered

arisen, convergent

tempestral celestial.

32/who is your newest acquaintance/ i don't keep aquaintances
33/who is your oldest friend/ escapism
34/where do you want to run away to/ everywhere at once
35/what do you find funny that nobody else seems to/ "...that smell. and i don't mean funny ha-ha"
36/what bores you that excites others/ reality
37/what do other people think is funny that you don't/ i find ordinary humor repulsive and offensive.
38/on the Internet you spend your time doing what/ lj, aim, browsing for ephemera, marine creatures, and uniforms
39/who do you want to meet/ my true self.
40/what do you think of THE BEATLES/ before elvis, there was <s>nothing</s> actual rock and roll
41/does age matter when looking for a partner/ you gotta catch 'em before or after they have teeth!
42/what makes you wonder "where do these people come from?!"/ mundanity/ subkultures
43/do you have any pets/ not nearly as many as i used to/want to.
44/do you like your bedroom/ i never have and never will. it is for sleeping and storage.
45/what's for dinner/ canned food and shotgun
46/what's for dessert/ i can't. straight to my hips, you know.
47/who's the last person who came to your house/ i don't normally have company here. there's an oppressive, unwelcoming air to this house that i avoid subjecting my friends to.
48/who's your favorite person from the Dukes of Hazard/ i've never seen it. nor do i want to.
49/did hooked on phonics work for you/ je suis la jeune fille!

2003-08-12 10:53:30 ET

new coil news: dvds! lots of them!
including the mutek festival, which will be one long, panned out shot. which means you will see izzy and i, front row and center. we're movie stars. who wants to touch me?

2003-08-05 21:33:01 ET

a moth landed in, and is now drowning in, my wine glass.

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