Anomalism 7-22
2003-07-22 17:31:12 ET

Feel much better now, slammed a couple dbbl cheeze burgs. I may survive. See, instead of getting cleaned up and feeding when I got home form 12hrs work I stupidly came up here and got sucked into SK for 2 hrs. You people are addictive you know.
Sunday was good food day (kabobs), today is BKn it.
The multi black belt guy from work didn't bring in any of the toys he promised to show me today so some of you may be right about him.
Anybody know what you can mix with brake fluid to make it blow up?
They did finaly get my trailer fixed(mysteriously over the weekend) so work will go a little smoother now. Monday we will have a forman meeting for complaints to mannagement and other foremen and stuff. Should I give em hell?
And there's cat hair and a cat on the keyboard(this time it's Mouse the cat).

2003-07-22 17:38:45 ET

yeah, sk's a sneaky devil...i've been on for about 3 hours straight now...and not showing any signs of quitting. comment on anything else here. damn.

2003-07-22 18:16:00 ET

yep, it's a cliche, but it's true: sk is like crack, but arguably better for you.

who said that first?

2003-07-22 20:43:49 ET

you should undoubtedly give em hell

and dont worry about the sk thing...its just taking over your brain...perfectly normal :-D

...i still want a cat

2003-07-22 20:44:20 ET

my cat bit me today...and kept purring after she had had her way with me.

2003-07-22 20:45:04 ET

so you told me

mr. bleeder

i laffatchoo!

2003-07-22 20:45:28 ET

yeah, but this anomalous guy wasn't aware of the biting, so :-p

this isn't YOUR journal, lars.

2003-07-22 20:47:08 ET

does it look like i care!?

and i was merely stating, not expecting him to know

so ha!

i laffatchoo agayne.

2003-07-26 17:24:37 ET

So much cat hair...everywhere...there is no escape...

2003-07-26 17:27:53 ET

Yes, resistance is futile

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