Anomalism7-26 Digression
2003-07-26 17:36:33 ET

I spent a bunch o money to day. Some because I wanted to but not as much as I wanted. Some because I had to and it was more than I wanted to(ugh). I went to the exchange and got $50 worth of CDs, some Massive Attack,Les Claypool's Frog Brigade,Tangerine Dream, King Crimson, Joe Satriani. More in a bit.
Sorry for the break in the entry, the lady Anomalous arrived home and I had to fetch dinner.
Now for the part where I spent money that I didn't want to. My son who is now at Navy Basic, was given for his birthday in December a cell phone, which he some how ran over with a jeep 3 days before he left. Well the contract is for 2 yrs and thier is no sense paying the bill with no phone on the line. So I went and bought a replacement phone and added a line so the the Lady and I could get some use out of it. Since my boy won't be using it for about 4 yrs. That cost about $270 which I would rather spend on weapons or some other toy or hell I could spend it at the dentist or some thing! so that was unpleasant
I did feel a great temptation to buy this nice surplused soviet pistol at the gun shop, but alas I cintrolled my self (for the moment).
On a different subject Whats up with vans and the people that drive them? I mean like "message to all van pilots; if you are not moving faster than the vehicle to your right then GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LANE! because I am moving faster. I mean if cars had weapons thier'd be charred hulks all over the high ways. I say vans because thier seems to be a higher % of slow, timid, and or just plain oblivious drivers purchasing vans than other types of cars. You might as well put a sign on the door saying "I'm a twit". Where's Kilted Lunatic? we need litagation to keep vans out of the fast lane. Realy, has anyone ever seen an aggressive van pilot? And another thing, this is a public service announcment. For all of you people who when entering the highway, wait until you are at the absolute end of the ramp before you turn your head to look and see if there is a gap in the traffic "YOUR AN IDIOT!" The world outside your imediate field of vision DOES still exist, and its coming at you. " Note " the triangular"yield the right of way" sign is in your lane. That means you are responsible to "MERGE" with traffic. Traffic is not responsible to make room for you. Thos of you who can empathise with me here raise an angry fist and shake it in the direction of the nearest highway and growell, ready Grrrrrr!!. Those of you who are guilty of these things better do the same so that every one else doesn't figure out who you are.

2003-07-26 17:48:07 ET

Mmm. Tangerine Dream. I obssessed over them for a while after I heard them on the "Legend" soundtrack. :)

2003-07-26 17:56:15 ET

Spending money is great. I wish I could do it for a living ;)

2003-07-26 20:42:37 ET

oh people dont like to see me coming cause ill plow them down. if they arent movin in the fast lane, ill pass anyway i can-lol!like digital derby it is, 80 being my avearge speed! ive actually been pushed by minivans before, mothers hauling ass, but whats the worse are these people at night with their bigass truck/suvs with large televisions, i could watch the thing from my car! i love driving:)sometimes i use the entrance lane to get ahead of traffic if i see the fast lane is bogged down ill stay there til it ends and then cut over-lmao!ha! im a bit of an asshole on the road but i can drive normal if i want but thats no fun! its us ah drivers that make it fun for all the rest of ya;D

2003-07-26 20:51:14 ET

Tis true they are all passing lanes to some of us, Moohaha!

2003-07-28 04:36:39 ET

yay tangerine dream

2003-07-28 15:01:29 ET

at least its not and old ancient couple in a buick or station wagon. they are bad too, left turn signal on for 5 miles and such, doing 50-60 MPH.

2003-07-28 17:30:16 ET

Well let me tell ya bout them nother time. I see ya'll met em too.

2003-07-31 17:15:44 ET

Joe Satriani=Personal guitar GOD.

What kind of pistol?

Slow van drivers? Believe me, if you get around the province of Quebec, and there are no slow drivers, the semis/big trucks don't slow down for anything either

2003-07-31 18:21:43 ET

It was a CZ52 in7.62x25mm caliber. If you poke around at you can probably find a pic of one.

2003-07-31 18:56:08 ET

I believe I know it. spifftacular.

2003-07-31 20:15:22 ET

Quebecers are INSANE behind the wheel!

2003-08-01 02:26:28 ET

INSANE? I might say evil...

Anomalous: are you more interested in russian made arms or american or german, etc. or is there any preference?

2003-08-01 13:30:33 ET

SPG: Good question, its difficult to say what it is that will get me interested in a particular piece. Actually no its not, now that I'm sitting here thinking about it, I realize that it is primarily asthetics. That sounds kind of shallow because I am a great admirer of quality and precision, and I am fond of certain calibers. I think th Mauser broom handle is about the coolest gun ever made. The Webly Royal Irish Constabulary 45 is the only wheel gun that I want. Wheel guns don't do much for me, I tend toward semi auto pistols especialy older ones like the purse guns from the 20s and 30s. I have a Baby Eagle 45, a Ruger 45, and a 10mm Glock

2003-08-01 18:27:38 ET

I've seen those mausers before, very cool indeed. By purse guns do you mean derringer type guns or something similar?

Personally I don't own any actual firearms, just a few airsoft replicas and what my dad owns. Doesn't mean I can't look though. But when I get some money/time to earn money, I would like to get ahold of a... 1) Colt 1911 preferrably, but most 1911's are pretty damn cool 2) M1 Garand 3) M14 (the classics) 4)Barret M82A1 5) Desert Eagle .50AE. And, permits aside, I wouldn't mind owning some automatic *evil grin*

2003-08-10 13:50:12 ET

oh yeah I almost ended up with a mini van up my ass when I went out of town today. apparently 75 in a 55 wasn't fast enough for him. bastard.

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