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2003-08-19 17:27:51 ET

I haven't posted in a while because, well mostly because I spend my time visiting other peoples blogs (you people are Mc way too fun). so here's some of the stuff what's been up. I got stung by a yellow jacket today, it was mildly painfull. I think bees are worse, proly wouldna happened if I wasn't standing on the nest.(go figure).
Work stuff= I got my regular work truck back,(Ididn't want it back) and apparently it was in a flood while it was away.(the first aid kit was still full of water) Seems to have been good for it as it runs good now but the starter failed the first day I used it. So I'm back in the alternative truck(yet again) and doin my route when my trailer (which is fresh from having a wheel bearing replaced) decides to grind up another wheel bearing, and guess what, it's the same wheel(what the ffff). So this time I take the wheel off, I mean what the hell I only need 3 wheels right!?and I finnish the route. While I'm Taking the wheel off I hear the sound of multple round engines(aircraft slang)And I look up and I can't beleave it a B17 bomber from WWII(4 engines and machine gun turrets)is flying over, and its real. Now there can't be more than maybe 2 of these things left in the world that can fly and I'm looking at one. Needless to say that was awsome. Anyway now I have a different trailer till they get that one back to 4 wheels. and I have "the old truck" back from starter sergury and I'm doin fine right? Well yesterday the drive shaft fails on my truck(it never ends with this truck). I'm happy to report NOTHING BROKE TODAY!!
On the positive side I spent the weekend visiting in Cincinnati. I spent Saturday night at a drunken party at my oldest friends place, and Sunday with my folks and my son (who is spending the summer down there). My son and I took 4 diferent hand guns and a shotgun to "Target World" and fired over 300 rounds. It was a loud and smokey good time, I haven't fired a shotgun in 30 years. It was a good weekend.
Also I posted some pics of some of my excess fans for sale. I will give 20% of the proceeds to Moxie to support SK. If interested pm me which one and I'll tell you all about it.

2003-08-19 17:57:20 ET

holy sh#$% a B17??!? That is awesome. Did it "wave" at you? I love those planes... how can one not love a glass nose. Now the B29... drooooool... talk about glass, class. =)

2003-08-19 19:15:12 ET

*wipes slobber* I'll probably always remember the first time I was buzzed by an F-117 near the airbase back where I lived in arizona. then there were all the harriers...noisy bastards.

2003-08-19 19:26:47 ET

I grew up right by a Navy base and remember getting buzzed by jets all the time. We would be out in the fishing boat and an F14 would fly by low, dirty (gear down) and you could see the detail of the payload it was carrying and everything. What a high!

Harriers are indeed whiny!!!

2003-08-20 03:47:31 ET

the walmart in our town was right across the street from the base, so we'd get an ear full of harrier everytime we wanted to go to the store

2003-08-20 12:15:43 ET

Self proclaimed geek: Was it davis monthan AFB? i was in Tucson for a year and all kinds of odd things flew around. They have a terrific air museum there. I got to go inside the Airforce One jet used by Kennedy.

2003-08-20 13:10:22 ET

lol... that gives new meanng to the response of "How was your trip to Walmart?"
"Ugh I feel so harried!"
tah dum dumn

2003-08-20 19:13:28 ET

Nay, it was MCAS Yuma.. way down by the mexico and california borders, and the Yuma Proving Grounds. Also happened to be in/near the Barry Goldwater bombing range so that was pretty interesting... sun barely rises.. BOOOOM windows shake. fun shit.

Yeah, you could read the danger: intake etc labels on the harriers as they went over the parking lot. They always managed to buzz roller hockey games and shit as well.

2003-08-25 05:48:29 ET

those fans are! :D

I love vintage stuff.

lol - "vintage stuff" now includes my clothes from high school. *snicker*

2003-08-25 16:21:08 ET

Those are only the tip of the iceburg, I have 60.

2003-08-25 19:39:38 ET

damn. what a fun item to collect. I love that shit. :)

2003-08-25 19:48:42 ET

Yea I don't like AC, I just like a nice breeze. So I figure why not have a classy breeze from say 1912. Of course the trouble with having so many is that it is hard to find time to sit in front of each one.

2003-08-25 19:49:31 ET

I have a few Deco lamps too.

2003-08-25 19:51:43 ET


2003-08-25 19:59:42 ET

Deco rules!!

2003-08-25 20:06:15 ET

You've got like your own small army of fans. now if they'd just destroy things hehe

2003-08-25 20:20:16 ET

My younger son fed a carrot through the back of one and it sprayed it all over the living room once.

2003-08-25 20:22:51 ET

Must sleep now, good night all!

2003-08-25 20:22:58 ET

oh cool. messy but cool. =)

2003-08-25 20:26:34 ET

you can't do that with these crappy modern plastic fans. but I'll bet that was something to see hehe.

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