Anomalism 8-24
2003-08-24 03:18:19 ET

I went to a gun show yesterday in Berea. I wore my urban camo and a Sponge bob t-shirt, today it will be urban camo and hippy tie die. These shows are basically big flea markets for guns and gun accesaries. I was primarily after some obscure ammo for my obscure gun. The entertainment value of these shows is high even if you aren't buying stuff. Any kind of firearm might be there from revolutionary war muzzle loaders to machine guns. So there is a lot of opportunity to learn history and stuff, but there are some pretty entertaining people there as well. One that comes to mind is this young guy who is at every show wearing grey camo with combat boots and a grey camo cut off shirt so we can see his manly skinny arms. He wears a mohawk hair cut and has an exspensive Glock pistol and combat knife on his belt. And he has his exspensive(spelling does'nt look right on that) Steyr rifle slung on his back and his Uzi sub machine gun hanging at his waist. Now if he was associated with a booth and was a walking advertisment, he would make sense. But he is just walking around posing in the hopes that some one will ask him about his toys. Today I will be on the look out for other odd types besides myself (since everyone is odd in they're own way) and report back later.

2003-08-24 06:11:05 ET

I remember going to a few of those. but back then I was a little young (15 or 16)to even pick up any of the fire arms (communists!) and now that I am of age, there are none nearby. arg.

That guy sounds um... interesting. kind of like the people here who drive around town (to work even) with snowmobiles in the back of their trucks for a few weeks before the snow even touches the ground.

2003-08-24 10:58:53 ET

Ugh...i can't stand when people do that just to make people think they are cool. But i don't think i would want to make him mad either...

2003-08-24 11:23:35 ET

do they let him walk around with it all loaded?

2003-08-25 00:22:47 ET

No they don't allow anything to be loaded, and the venders can't even have magazines in the guns.

2003-08-25 05:47:01 ET

that sounds like a great people watching place for sure. :)

you must report more! :)

2003-08-25 07:12:10 ET

I didn't think so, but you never know

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