Anomalism 8-28 more wierd shit
2003-08-28 18:39:15 ET

I'm sitting here eating Pot stickers and Perogies, two boilable foods I found in the freezer. Very tasty and very easy,but rather pale looking. Well I got the broken drive shaft truck back, now it has a hole in the oil pan. I swear its naver ending with this truck.
I had a minor problem with my primary mower but I was able to repair it tues. Yesterday I had to stop work and rush down to the clerk of courts to pay a traffic ticket(a day late), cost an extra $25 That sucks I could be buying bullets for my new toy with that money. It was my own fault though.
Today I was mowing along peacfully when from out of nowere a Bald Face hornet lands on my right shoulder. Now it takes both hands to operate this mower so I just can't let go to swat at this thing, and besides it didn't look like it was pissed. I was a little freaked for a second, but then I just watched start wandering around on me. I did get nervous when it headed over on to my back. It all ended well, Im not stung or anything(cool). Later a cicada landed no my other side briefly. Some how I must have looked very tree ish to bugs today(go figure).
In other news, I went back to the gun show(the cat hair is back on the keyboard ugh!) and took with me Zane who is a friend of my son who is in the navy. I was distracted from observing freaky people by all the guns and ammo, so I may have missed a few. I did buy some copper solvent from a guy that looked more like a Slim Wittman than a human being should be allowed to. There also was a sort of grey haired Ned Flanders guy there selling Russian sniper rifles, he turned out to be pretty cool cuz I like Russian guns. I had only meant to buy ammo for my CZ52 but I could not resist this one Argentine manufactured model 1911. It was in good shape(made in 1942) and the price was right. It is also possible that it was made with steel salvaged from the scuttled German pocket battleship Grahf Spee. So after the show Zane and I showed up at the pistol range with no less than 6 guns and fired 600 rounds in 2 hours, it was a very good day.

2003-08-28 18:44:41 ET

wow. i wanted a gun a few years ago but theyd never give me one with my psychiatric background. i love perogies, now you made me wanna eat them:)

2003-08-28 18:52:44 ET

1. I love both pot stickers and perogies. I suspect, when I can take no more of this tv dinner lifestyle my parents have, I will be eating dinners similar to yours.

2. Work on trucks never does end I'm afraid.

3.Were you wearing all green and brown today? You must've smelled like a tree too if it didn't sense your human scent and sting you.

4. I can't imagine Ned Flanders selling sniper rifles...that just seems wrong.

2003-08-28 19:03:40 ET

The pot sticker things are even better. They look a lot like perogies but they come in a green bag with a panda on the lable, I think they got stuff like egg rolls are filled with in em and you can dip em in this sauce stuff.

2003-08-28 19:09:47 ET

The uniform is all green, it was hot today so I don't think it could have missed my scent. Maybe I just wandered into its flight path or some thing like that?

2003-08-28 20:12:44 ET

OOOoooh a 1911. thats damn spiffy. just what kind of rifles was this ned flanders selling?

2003-08-29 00:55:02 ET

Cetme G3s and Dragonovs

2003-08-29 06:34:12 ET

*drools for two good reasons* how much was he wanting for these?

2003-08-29 13:57:49 ET

ewww....a cicada. those are the worse. umm...i have a paintball gun... who's cool now? me! haha...

2003-08-29 14:16:14 ET

I've got a paintball gun too. WOO. its pump action with a duct-tape home-made camo job and a laser sight. hows that for cool?

2003-08-29 14:41:31 ET

You're both way cool, I've never done the paint ball thing, it always looked fun though.

2003-08-29 14:45:41 ET

The Cetme s with scope are $700, the Dragonov(standard)went for $850, the Dragonov with the uber scope and the match triger went for $1100.

2003-08-29 15:42:15 ET

thats not terribly expensive. any automatic weapons for sale there?

2003-08-29 16:00:13 ET

Yes, at a diff table an Uzi, some AKs including a bullpup AK, and some ARs

2003-08-29 16:08:53 ET


2003-08-29 16:17:36 ET

Must go clean guns now,( I never got around to it after sundays shoot) I leave you with happy thoughts of stacato flashes and the clink of brass casings hitting the ground.

2003-08-29 18:22:02 ET

flash, clink, check.

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